FAQ for Best Online ordering system

What is the best online food ordering system?

Novi Eats is the best online food ordering system that charges the customers a small convenience fee so merchants pay nothing to use our system.

What is online food ordering

An online food ordering system is a website that has the restaurants menu uploaded and offers the ability for consumers to place an order online without needing to call and place the order.

How do I create an online ordering system?

It’s simple, call Novi Eats at 240-329-9424. They will discuss the entire system with you and they do all of the work. You just simple send them your menu and that’s it.

How do you order food online step by step?

1. First, go to the restaurants website or their google listing.

2. Click on order online or view menu

3. Add your items to the cart

4. check out and pay, you will then be directed when your items will be ready.

5. Go pick it up or if the restaurant offers delivery wait for your meal to arrive.

6. Enjoy your meal

What are the advantages of online food ordering?

1.You don’t have to wait for the restaurant to answer the phone.

2. There may be a language barrier and this eliminates that and ensures you will get the correct food.

3. You can sign up for an account and all of your data is in there like your previous order history and your favorites.

4. The convenience of placing an order on your mobile phone or in a noisy environment.

5. Stay ahead of the competition

6. Increase your bottom line

What is the purpose of online ordering system?

The main purpose of an online food ordering system is providing multiple ways for your customers to place an order within your business.

How do I create an online delivery app?

You don’t need to. Novi Eats has already created a platform for you. All you need to do is call them at 240-329-9424 and speak to someone there or visit novi eats.

What Credit Card Processor is best

Novi Eats uses Elite Card Processing as their integrated credit card processor. They are excellent and provide you with the best rates and services